SustPack 2017 Tours

Morning SustPack 2017 Tours

More than just presentations, workshops and panel discussions, SustPack 2017 gives you a chance to explore sustainability in action, including; a light rail tour of Phoenix's sustainably revitalized downtown; a walking tour of Arizona State University's LEED certified buildings and renewable energy infrastructure; an artist resource center that reuses items that would otherwise become trash; Sedona's community driven recycling center; and a tour of the City of Phoenix's Resource Innovation Campus!

*You must register for the full SustPack 2017 conference to be able to attend the below tours. Tours are  at no additional cost, as they are included in the price of your SustPack 2017 delegate ticket. 

Tour option 1 - Adaptive Reuse Tour of Downtown Phoenix - (max 40 participants)

7:30 am -12:00 pm

In recent years, historic preservation groups, city leaders and entrepreneurs have stepped in to prevent Phoenix’s significant architecture from being razed and replaced with generic strip malls. New life has been breathed into historic and vintage modern buildings in unique ways. Jump on this light rail tour that shows how locally owned businesses are re-using buildings and by doing so, transforming the communities around them for the better. We’ll visit the offices of WebPT in the warehouse district, soak in the Art Deco ambiance of the Luhrs Tower, check out the DeSoto building, Phoenix Public Market, Lux Coffee and end at the Newton, a former restaurant that has been transformed into a bookstore, restaurant, garden shop and meeting venue.


Tour option 2 - Arizona State University Sustainability Walking Tour - (max 30 participants)

8:30 am-10:30 am

Arizona State University is uniquely situated to address sustainability in a desert climate. Join us for an hour-long walking tour that will cover sustainability in University operations including energy innovations and zero waste. Tour highlights include: LEED-certified buildings, solar installations, and a variety of examples that comprise an integrated, university-wide approach to sustainability at ASU.

Tour option 3 - Art Resource Center Tour – (max 30 participants) FULL

8:00 am -10:00 am

This nonprofit center collects items headed for the landfill or recycling center and gives themnew life in the hands of educators and artists. Visitors find a wide variety of items including fabric, paper, wine corks, jewelry, ceramics, plastic containers, paint, crayons etc. By recycling art worthy materials for creative minds, the ARC is filling the ever widening funding gap of nonprofits by providing quality materials to continue the passion we call art. Tour would be given by founder Sherrie Zeitlin, who will talk to attendees about what schools and artists are doing to reuse items and how she operates this unique center. The ARC has approximately 3400 sq. ft. of space filled with materials for the nonprofit art world to take away free of charge. We welcome all teachers k-12, colleges and universities, any charity and nonprofit entity, and even homeschooling parents to take away anything free of charge. "Always free always will be" is our motto.

Individuals not associated with nonprofits are welcome to come and shop and many artists do just that to help us stay afloat.

We have been open for 13 years and are run totally by volunteers. Everything we have has been given to us; we buy nothing and turn away much because we just don't have the space to house everything. We needed a paper cutter years ago and spent $200 for a good one; a few weeks later we received two almost identical. When we need something now we always wait that two weeks to see what might come our way!

Tour option 4 - Sedona Tour - (max 30 participants)

8:00  am - 4:00 pm 

The rural town of Sedona is visited by thousands of tourists each year, eager to get a glimpse  of its red rocks. The town is also home to an amazing community recycling center, Sedona Recycles. This nonprofit operation has drop-off locations throughout the town, along with several in other nearby towns. They accept traditional co-mingled recycling along with a variety of items including Styrofoam blocks, electronic waste, corks, golf balls, books and more. They have an impressive social mission that not only alleviates waste, but also works with community members to get reusable items into the hands of those that need them most; hiring adults with development disabilities, and even making sure the stray cats that hang around the facility get vaccinated and fixed.

Full day itinerary: 

  • 7:45am- board shuttle
  • 8:00am – depart
  • 10:00am – arrive at Sedona Recycles
  • 10:15am-11:15am – tour of Sedona Recycles
  • 11:15– depart
  • 11:30-12:45 –Lunch at Mesa Grill Sedona
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm – tour of Chocolatree
  • 2:00pm- depart
  • 4:00 pm- return to hotel

About the Chocolatree tour:  Attendees will be provided a tour of the ChocolaTree Oasis facility including aspects of our sustainability process in action.  The tour will include the chocolate shop where your group will also get a tasting of our raw organic chocolate. 

Tour option 5 - Resource Innovation Campus - (max 34 participants)- FULL

8:00 am-12:00 pm

During the tour of the City of Phoenix Resource Innovation Campus, guests will get an up close and personal look of a site that drives economic growth and job creation through education, collaboration and innovation. The Campus includes the 27th Ave Transfer Station, Municipal Recycling Facility, pilot composting program, Compost facility (under construction), Artist in residency program, a company that turns palm fronds into animal feed, future sites of businesses and the future home of the Resource Innovation Solutions Network Circular Economy Technology Solutions Incubator.

Tour Option 6- Organix Solutions Blown Film Extruder Line Tour:  Dedicated to Biopolymers - (max 25 people) FULL


Tour Organix Solutions’ state-of-the-art blown film line designed specifically around the ideal operating performance for biopolymer films. Start a walk-through of the manufacturing  area of the Marathon brand of compactors and balers used in solid waste and recycling applications.  Tour guests will see how compactors are custom built.  The tour continues through the large open manufacturing area to the custom-designed blown film extrusion and converting equipment.

*This tour is designed for brand owners and packaging designers.  Given the proprietary technology, we regret that other blown film manufacturers are not allowed on this tour.  

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