Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 | Day 1

Monday, March 12, 2018 | Program Day 1

Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 | Tours and Workshops

The Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 ticket price will include these complimentary tours and workshops that will further your sustainability knowledge and efforts.

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2018 Tours and Workshops

Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 | Tours

  1. Sustainability in Packaging | Tours

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Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 | Workshops

  1. Packaging Reducing Food Waste

    Rachel Morier | Director of Sustainability of PAC Packaging Consortium

    There is more to packaging sustainability than reducing packaging. Packaging prevents food waste by protecting food products, extending its shelf life and promoting improved consumer behavior through portion control and communicating better food storage practices in the home. This workshop will explore sustainability options for packaging to prevent food waste throughout the value chain from food processing, transport and distribution, foodservice, retail and consumers.

  2. Packaging for e-Commerce

    Tom Blanck | President of Packaging Solutions Group

    With consumer e-Commerce shipments increasing globally by 33% between 2014 and 2016, this distribution channel is fast developing from a niche to a volume application.

    This is presenting technical challenges for the packaging industry in terms of functional designs and protection.

    Simultaneously it is opening up new business opportunities as the e-commerce supply chain for packaging technology differs significantly from that for traditional retail selling.

  3. Biopolymers Power Hour

    Steve Davies | Director – Performance Packaging of NatureWorks LLC

    Since its inception, the bioplastics industry has defined its products using the all-too-well-known descriptor – bioplastics are either biobased, biodegradable, or both.   

    With experience spanning some three decades in the polymer & fibers industry, Steve Davies argues that it is time for the industry to move beyond this simple definition, and that the industry’s continued resolute focus strictly on where its materials come from and where they go, can ultimately be self-limiting. In the past decade especially, the industry as a whole has made big strides in broadening the functional property set of its materials, and the number of applications, as well as the new grades and formulations have proliferated.

    Join the Biopolymers Power Hour for what promises to be a high energy and provocative discussion that spans from feedstocks, to material functionality, all grounded in the context of both the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s recent blueprint for rethinking the future of plastics and the SPC’s definition of sustainable packaging.

Opening Conference Networking Reception

  1. Sustainability in Packaing US 2018 | Opening Reception