Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 | Day 3

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 | Program Day 3

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Registration and Opening Remarks

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Session IV: Designing Sustainability

How does the package design work to promote sustainability and affect the consumers’ desire to recycle the package. How can we work to design a more sustainable package. 

Moderator: Sandeep Kulkarni, Senior Principal Scientist, Global R&D, Sustainability, Certified Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner, PepsiCo

  1. Opening Remarks for the Day

  2. An Amazon Expedition: Designing for a Journey Through the E-Commerce Jungle

    Brent Lindberg | Founder and Principal of Fuseneo

    The e-commerce terrain is a tangle of packaging pitfalls and sustainability snares. Where to start? Which Amazon certification is right for your product? Can your business really afford to create new e-commerce packaging? Can you afford not to?

    Brent Lindberg will be your guide through the chaotic landscape, sharing the experience his team at Fuseneo has gained designing for Amazon and other brands. Learn how to create packaging for e-commerce that is sustainable for both the environment and your business. Don’t forget to pack your bug spray and a rain poncho!

  3. Selling Passion, not a Product

    Fred Hart | Creative Director & Partner of Interact Boulder

    Working at the epicenter of the good food movement in Boulder teaches you a lot of things. Namely, that the products and brands built by today’s entrepreneurs are disrupting the industry as a result of putting consumer’s wellbeing first. From seaweed “jerky” and organic wellness shots to sustainably-raised pork rinds and probiotic water kefir - we discuss an alternative aspect of sustainability. Not just that of packaging materials - but of people.

    The best way to get people to care about sustainability is to care for them first. True sustainability starts with passionate, better-for-you brands/products. Sustain people first, an inevitably you’ll sustain the planet and provide greater value for sustainable packaging. So like our mothers all taught us, it’s what inside that sustainable package that counts.  

  4. Packaging Design for Recyclability

    John Standish | Technical Director of Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

    Design challenges faced by the recyclers in the US.

  5. Morning Networking Break

Session V: Regulations & Label Confusion

Labeling and Claims – What are some of the changing regulations when it comes to using recycled materials, especially when involving food? When labeling your packaging, which label is best? There are lots of different seals of approval and labels out there.

Moderator: Elisabeth Comere, Director Environmental & Government Affairs, Tetra Pak

  1. Solving the Recycling Crisis and the Impact on Sustainable Packaging

    Presentation by Mitch Hedlund Andrea Ruiz-Hays from Recycle Across America

    More often than not, people want to do the right thing, and they will do the right thing if it's easy and understandable. Unfortunately, recycling is inconsistent everywhere we go, making it extremely confusing. Confusion at the bin leads to mistakes, apathy and skepticism about recycling. The fact that recycling is so poorly communicated to the public and that the importance of recycling is so underplayed often leads people to feel subliminally, or even overtly, that it must not be very important.

  2. Making Recycling Matter

    Brenda Pulley | Senior Vice President, Recycling of Keep America Beautiful

    Many factors play a role in making recycling successful.  A key element is engaging individuals to want to recycle and recycle the right things.  This presentation will share insights regarding consumers' recycling attitudes and behaviors as well as better understand how to overcome these barriers and motivate individuals to take action.

  3. Lightning Round on Trends and Regulations around the Globe

    Moderated by Foodservice Packaging Institute. Panelists Include RSE USA, NatureWorks LLC, and Waste Management

    • What’s going on in California?
    • Advocacy and Government Affairs
    • Single Use Items
    • Bag bands
    • Universal Recycling Policies
  4. Afternoon Networking Lunch

Session VI: Sustainability through the Supply Chain

How is the packaging industry as a whole, working together to be more sustainable. What can we learn from other areas of the supply chain on how to be more sustainable

  1. Panel: Cost of Creating Sustainable Packaging

    Moderated by Coveris Americas. Panelists include: Smurfit Kappa, ORBIS Corporation and Barry Callebaut

    • Challenges of keeping costs low
    • Innovations to create low cost sustainable packaging
    • How can we, as an industry, help each other keep costs low, across the supply chain
  2. Panel: Creating Sustainable Packaging without Compromising Performance

    Moderated by Coveris Americas. Panelists Include: Whirlpool Corporation, Sealed Air Corporation, PMMI Media Group, and EFI

    • Challenges of keeping packaging performance high while staying sustainable
    •  Innovations to create high performance sustainable packaging
    •  What does conversation look like across the supply chain 
  3. Afternoon Networking Break

  4. Panel: End of Life Challenges

    Moderator: James Downham, President & CEO, PAC. Panelists include: Pepsi, PAC, and Sonoco

    • Challenges of making packaging with sustainable end of life options
    • Innovations to help the end of life for packaging
    •  What does conversation look like across the supply chain 

    Panelists include: 

    • Brad Rodgers, Director Advanced Research, Pepsico
    • Laura Rowell, Global Sustainable Packaging Manager, Sonoco
    • Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability, PAC
  5. Panel: Consumer Awareness around Recycling Flexible Film

    Moderated by Coveris Americas. Panelists Include: Dow, Keep America Beautiful and American Chemistry Council

    • Studies around recycling rates in the US and how to help consumers understand better what can be recycled
    • Are there incentives that can be used to increase recycling rates
    • Recycle labels and drop off communication
    • How to better engage consumers

    Panelists Include: 

    •                Shari Jackson, Director, Film Recycling, American Chemistry Council
    •                Jennifer Ronk, Sustainability and Advocacy Manager, Dow
    •                Brenda Pulley, Senior Vice President, Recycling, Keep America Beautiful
  6. Closing Remarks and Conclusion of Conference