Sustainability in Packaging US 2019 | Workshop

Monday, March 4, 2019 | Workshop

Sustainability in Packaging US 2019 | Workshop

The Sustainability in Packaging US 2019 ticket price will include this year's conference workshop, focusing around Designing for End of Life: Sustainability Begins with Package Chain Communication

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2019 Workshop

Designing for End of Life: Sustainability Begins with Package Chain Communication

This workshop will bring together the packaging chain to discuss realistic sustainability and waste management solutions, and set up a path for continued communication. Industry players will clearly define the best option for sustainability from beginning to end of packaging life, and determine how to make initiatives plausible, and clear to consumers.

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  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

  3. Recycle your Recycling Assumptions: The Ins and Outs of Recycling

    Dylan de Thomas | Vice President of Industry Collaboration of The Recycling Partnership

    For waste management efforts to be most effective, consumers and the entire packaging chain need to have a complete, uniform knowledge of recyclability. 

  4. Sustainability 101

    Michele Grossman | Managing Principal, Sustainability Services of Waste Management

    A ‘check list’ of important aspects to implement in every design to streamline package sustainability, and to get ahead of stricter, enforced regulations.

  5. Manufacturers’ Sustainability Challenges and Triumphs

    Jeff Travis | Packaging R&D Solutions Team of American Packaging Corp

    Manufacturers struggle to balance realistic sustainability with meeting client’s needs and expectations. How can the entire chain help to make these efforts easier? What material works as feedstock as opposed to virgin materials; how to prevent contamination of commodities?

  6. Designing for Sustainability: Inspiration vs. Implementation

    Jordan Synnestvedt, Industrial Designer, Werkshop Design Group & Erik Connelly, Sustainability and Environmental Specialist, creative werks

    What does it mean to design sustainable packaging for the Fortune 500’s of the world? During this session, the speakers shed light on creative werks’ unique position in client & vendor engagement, plastics manufacturing, co-packing, and turn-key packaging design. This ambitious duo shares their candid perspective on the challenges and successes in designing sustainable packaging, and encourages the audience to implement takeaways for feasible, immediate and effective action. 

  7. Afternoon Networking Break

  8. CPG Initiatives and Perspective

    Kathleen Niesen | Director Recycling and Sustainability of PepsiCo North American Beverages and Quaker

    CPG’s are working toward tremendous sustainability goals. Achieving these goals, in part, depends on an understanding of how consumer’s view sustainability initiatives and processes. How can the entire suitability chain design products and simplify processes with consumers in mind? Some sustainability efforts are fruitless if consumers don’t follow through and recycle.

  9. Government Views: The Need for Realistic Solutions

    David Allaway | Senior Policy Analyst of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Materials Management Program

    A realistic view on waste management, recycling efforts, and sustainability is crucial. What can cities actually handle? Are current ideas and efforts unreachable?

  10. Mix and Mingle Happy Hour Sponsored by Smithers Pira