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Intel talks some of the biggest challenges they faced with supply chain sustainability

Kicking off this year’s Sustainability In Packaging US conference will be three unique keynote presentations focused on leading brands and retailer’s success in achieving sustainable initiatives. Featuring presentations by PepsiCo, Lush Cosmetics and Intel, each keynote will take a deep dive into the challenges and innovations they faced during their journey to becoming a sustainable influencer.

Ahead of this year’s conference, we caught up with Allen Wilson, Program Manager in Intel's Global Supply Management's Supply Chain Sustainability group. Speaking on Igniting Global Change Though our Supply Chain, Allen recently sat down with Smithers Pira to talk some of the biggest challenges Intel faced in supply chain sustainability and what they hope to achieve over the next 5 years with regards to the future of supply chain sustainability.

 Intel has a well-established system for supply chain sustainability. What were some of the biggest challenges in getting this accomplished?  

The target is always moving in some sense. We have a wide and deep supply chain and we attempt and focus on high priority, high exposure and high ROI elements and our efforts and programs continue to evolve as our industry evolves. Our strong partnership with the Responsible Business Alliance and our industry peers are key to addressing the evolving challenges and opportunities.

Why was it important to Intel to include other aspects of Sustainability such as forced and bonded labor, and supplier diversity & inclusion?

Intel is committed to building a responsible supply chain as part of our values and culture. This includes working with suppliers to build a strong system to detect and address forced and bonded labor in our supply chain. And we understand that working with a diverse supply chain brings increased innovation to our business and creates a more responsive and competitive supply base.

What does Intel hope to achieve over the next 5 years with regards to the future of supply chain sustainability?  

Our goals continue to evolve as we learn through working with our suppliers, industry partners and the RBA. We also share our goals and progress to goals publically in our Annual Corporate Responsibility report and we encourage you to visit to learn more since it is a lot to cover in few sentences.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at Sustainpack 2019?  

The simple answer is we are participating in the conference not only to share our story, but to have some rich conversations on the sustainability topic, learn from others and build some new connections.   We are especially interested in hearing what other companies and industries are doing and exploring engagement where we can work together on common goals.