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Plant-based resins for sustainable solutions

We’re a group of biotechnology experts who develop, test and commercialize quality, eco-friendly, internationally certified, and competitively priced biopolymers to help companies migrate from petroleum-based polymers to sustainable, plant-based resins. Our bio-resins range from bio-based to compostable grades and are compatible with conventional plastics machinery for film extrusion, injection and thermoformed applications.

We provide sustainable packaging solutions for film, thermoformed and injection applications for (but not limited to) the retail, agriculture, food service and consumer goods industries. We also have a variety of finished goods including: tableware, cutlery, bags, films and other products.

Our bio-based materials have many advantages over fossil-based resins:

  • Yield: Our bio-resins are lightweight and result in a lighter finished product able to withstand a conventional plastics performance.
  • Compatibility and processability: Our bio-resins can easily be processed by conventional plastic machinery.
  • Cost savings and lower carbon footprint: As our bio-resins are processed by conventional plastics machinery at lower temperatures settings, we help companies save energy costs and lower the carbon emission footprint.
  • Compliance with international standards and certifications: Our technologies are certified to support our bio-base content claims (Eurofins EN 14045 and ASTM 6866-16) and composability claims (Eurofins EN 14045, ASTM 6400 and TUV OK Compost.)