Columbia Pulp

Sustainability in Packaging US Sponsors and Exhibitors

Columbia Pulp is the first commercial pulp mill in North American that will convert agricultural waste (wheat straw) into market pulp for the manufacture of high-quality paper and packaging products. Using a proprietary pulping process that is radically different from the traditional manufacturing processes of the wood pulping industry, Columbia Pulp has a very strong Sustainability story.  This process uses approximately 25% less water and 30% less energy compared to a conventional wood pulp mill while maintaining very low levels of air emission and water discharge. In addition, Columbia Pulp’s process eliminates the need to burn 250,000 tons of straw annually (approximately 100,000 acres of wheat straw!). Columbia Pulp’s Life Cycle Analysis (completed by an outside third party) shows a carbon footprint 76% lower than conventional wood pulp mills.

The mill is located in Southeast Washington, one of the leading wheat-growing regions in the world, with year-round availability and an efficient (local) supply chain.