Sustainability in Packaging US 2018 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Owned and developed by lifecycles, PIQET (Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool) is a user-friendly, intuitive tool for optimizing and comparing the environmental footprint of packaging.  PIQET has been so well adapted to the packaging industry that it takes packaging designers, marketing professionals, environmental managers and anyone who understands their packaging only 30 minutes to complete an assessment.  Whether you’re trying to optimize your packaging in terms of environmental or financial performance, or simply need a tool for reporting, PIQET will have you ticking all the right boxes.

Using a streamlined life cycle assessment methodology, PIQET assesses the environmental impacts and resource consumption profiles of different packaging options over the whole product life cycle.  Leading material suppliers, packaging companies and brand owners across the world use PIQET to measure and improve their packaging’s environmental performance by:

  • Identifying hotspots throughout their supply chains
  • Benchmarking design options and improvements
  • Using multiple indicators and outputs for internal and external reporting
  • Communicating environmental benefits effectively
  • Building capacity in teams to integrate sustainability into the business

PIQET is fully customisable for repeat inputs such as transportation and materials, has enhanced multi-user management functionality and takes into account the impact of wasted product, highlighting the role of packing in preventing product waste.

Lifecycles is a leading life cycle assessment (LCA) consultancy based in Australia.  We understand PIQET inside out because we built it.  We also use it regularly to produce assessments for clients that don’t have sufficient resources to utilise the software or who wish to have one-off assessments done.