Sustainability in Packaging US Sponsors and Exhibitors

NOVOLEX™ subscribes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s approach to sustainable packaging known as Sustainable Materials Management (SMM).  We also recognize that packaging sustainability must encompass a full lifecycle approach to prevent hidden environmental tradeoffs.

Manufacturing Sustainability
We take pride in quality manufacturing, innovation, use of recycled content and low impact substrates, energy and logistics efficiency projects, and other innovations that are a huge part of the NOVOLEX™ culture. Industry leading innovations such as the “Gray is the New Green” recycled content plastic retail bag, EcoCraft’s low impact foodservice packaging, DublLife’s 100% recycled content paper retail bags, X-Liner’s recycled content can liners, and other products help to reduce negative impact before our products leave the factory.

Market (Product) Sustainability
Quality packaging reduces waste from damage, spoilage, or other factors and is why market sustainability is one of the most important aspects of packaging sustainability.  Properly designed packaging reduces waste caused by excessive packaging.  NOVOLEX™ engineers work closely with our customers and markets to understand how we can best make packaging that reduces product waste while helping to grow a sustainable economy.

End of Life Sustainability–NOVOLEX™ packaging always has an end of life plan.  No matter if our products are paper or plastic, we are continually looking at ways to make more of them recyclable or compostable so that we can facilitate reduction of packaging going to landfills.  Our Bag-2-Bag® recycling program was the industry’s first closed loop recycling program for plastic retail bags.  We continue to support bag and film recycling with two recycling centers in Indiana and Wisconsin.  Eco-Products brand is recognized as one of the packaging industry leaders in compostable foodservice offerings.