Plastic Suppliers, Inc.

Sustainability in Packaging US Sponsors and Exhibitors

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacture of sustainable films for CPG packaging. Films include bio-polymer PLA compostable EarthFirst® Ultralight sealant and PolyFlex® TDO Shrink Sleeve films.

PSI holds a patent on EarthFirst® compostable films and is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). Operations in the Americas are centered in Columbus, Ohio with European operations in Ghent, Belgium. A global customer base includes the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Made from annually renewable natural materials EarthFirst® sealant films reduce the amount of packaging entering the solid waste stream and are more cost effective than industry fossil fuel - based sealant films. Sealant films are greater than 90% new carbon content; the base polymer is 97% new carbon.

Inherent in their engineering, the sealant films are compostable and when laminated with other compostable materials – paper, cellophane, metalized PLA – the entire package is potentially compostable

Barrier mettalized EarthFirst® allows traditional packages to eliminate a layer of material.

More sustainable packaging achieves source reductions in both thickness and weight, translating to less packaging in landfills. Films are FDA approved for direct food contact, USDA bio preferred and are compostable to ASTM D6400. Non GMO film is also available.

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