Polysack Flexible Packaging LTD

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Polysack Flexible Packaging LTD is a global leader in the development and manufacture of mono - oriented/ MDO(machine-direction-oriented) polyethylene PE film products for a variety of applications, including 100 % recyclable pouches, high-shrink labels, candy wrappers, agro-textiles and more.

Polysack Flexible Packaging LTD is an innovative packaging solutions provider working closely with partners throughout the entire packaging supply chain such as converters, machine manufacturers, end users/brand owners and recyclers to continuously answer the specific requirements and ongoing challenges such as EU Plastic Strategy focusing on a circular economy or national Recycling Legislation, by designing sophisticated custom-made products, always ahead of the latest market trends.

Polysack focuses with its One Polymer concept on the development of sustainable packaging solutions to enable the production of 100% recyclable packaging. Polysack provides today MDO-PE film solutions enabling significant down-gauging of flexible packaging, hence sustainable Reduction & Optimization of packaging mass & volume.